– Fix your PC Hardware. – Replace memory, hard disk , Fan, – If you have Virus we could clean the nasty one and make your PC normal. – Any issues with your PC regarding any application or OS not work properly. – re-format and re install all your application. – Organize PC directory to suite you. – Config and install MS office application. – Partition your Hard disk. – Install and setup backup program.

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Computer Repairs and Training Northern Beaches

APG Computing is an IT Service Delivery and Support organisation based in Sydney. Our mission is to deliver affordable computer services, for both domestic and commercial clients, in a professional, reliable and honest manner.

Do you need assistance with computer repairs?  Northern Beaches and North Shore residents and businesses rely on APG Computing for fast results to restore functionality.  Having a malfunctioning computer can take a toll on business operations and day-to-day tasks.  That’s why it’s essential that you contact reliable professionals to assist with repairs, Training and other services.  At APG Computing, you can count on us for a full spectrum of services delivered by highly trained professionals.  With our help, you can get things back on track even sooner.  Don’t delay – our computer repairs team is standing by to come to your rescue.

Expert Computer Repairs in Northern Beaches and North Shore

APG Computing is eager to correct computer issues so you can restore operations in your home or business right away.  We can assist with a full range of repairs and other services.  Our goal is to deliver fast, affordable service in the most convenient way possible.  APG Computing can assist with computer repairs, Training and services such as:

  • PC Hardware Repairs
  • Replace or Repair Memory, Hard Drive, or Fan
  • Virus Checks and Clean Up
  • Installation and Setup of Backup Program
  • Configuration and Installation of MS Office Applications
  • Reformatting and Reinstalling Applications
  • OS and Application Issues
  • Hard Disk Partitions
  • Computer Training
  • Remote Support
  • And More

Computer Repairs and Other Services

APG Computing can assist with computer repairs and many other services to keep your system running smoothly at all times.  In addition to professional repairs, we offer IT-Support Service, Computer Training, IT Network Assistance, Software Help, and many other services.  We’re your go-to computer experts in the Sydney, NSW.   Let APG Computing put your mind at ease when you’re facing confusing and frustrating computer issues.  We’re just a phone call away!  For immediate assistance, contact APG Computing on 0413 538 973.

At AGP Computing we have been fixing computers of all types for many years, this makes us one of the most experienced computer repairs service in North Beaches. Our years of experience ensures that regardless of if you are running an ancient Pentium 4 computer or the latest i7 with over five gigs of ram we can help fix the problems you are facing. In addition, to our ability to fix computers we can also recommend replacing parts which we think may be failing, the upside to this is that you will not suffer from downtime for quite some time. For instance, if we spot that your hard disk may be on the brink of breaking down any time soon or it feels unreliable in the way it fetches files we will recommend that it be backed up and replaced. This replacement will help you save money in the long term.

Our approach to fixing computers is to track down the root cause of the problem so that it never troubles our clients again. So, regardless of if it’s a hardware issue or an issue with your operating system we will always fix the root of it so that you never have this problem again.  This is why many people who have used our services over the years refer to us as offering the most reliable computer repairs in North Shore. Our goal is to make sure that your computers continue to run smoothly without any problems.

Free call out within 15 Km of Northern Beaches, Sydney

Contact Ara Gurjian for professional, reliable and honest computer service for all your home and business computer and IT problems.

Mobile: 0413 538 973

Email :

Need training on how to use a computer?

There is an enormous and ever growing amount of information which computers can provide in our daily lives, however without basic computer training the fundamentals can be quite daunting. I conduct private training courses in your own home for absolute beginners. I teach the basic functions of a computer so you can acquire information and communications technology skills. With over 20 years experience in this field there has not been a student young or old that I haven’t been able to teach.

You will learn how to: Use a computer, Use word processing, send and receive email, Surf the internet.

Contact Ara Gurjian today on 0413 538 973

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