Computer Repairs Northern Beaches – How to Prevent Loss of Data

Computer Repairs Northern Beaches – How to Prevent Loss of Data

There is nothing more annoying than losing all your important documents and files that you’ve spend so much time creating especially when you’re the type of person who keeps all his documents and information on his computer – computer repairs northern beaches.

There are lots of people who are affected by data loss and unfortunately, it’s too late to retrieve data when the damage has already been done. The only certain and reliable way to recover lost files is to restore them from a backup and that is why it is vital to have a system to prevent data loss – computer repairs northern beaches.

How to prevent data loss – Computer Repairs Northern Beaches

  • Never store and pile up your documents on the same drive as your operating system. The majority of computer problems greatly affect the operating system and more often than not, the only means to solve this is to reformat and reconfigure the drive and reinstall the operating system.
  • You can install a second hard-drive in your computer which is sensibly low cost to avoid this data loss problem. It will not be affected and won’t even mess up your saved files when your operating system gets corrupted.
  • Another way to prevent data loss is get your computer an external hard-drive. An external hard-drive can be joined and attached to any computer at any time simply by plugging it through the USB port. In addition to this, these hard-drives come in different storage memories.
  • When you don’t want an external hard-drive or an internal hard-drive, the most inexpensive and most sensible thing to do is to convert your important files into zip files and send them to your email or save them in your flash drive.
  • Back up your files habitually no matter where they’re stored. Yes, CD’s get scratched and get easily snapped, floppies get erased and hard drives break. But this all makes sense to increase your chances of being able to recover your files by having a second back up of it.
  • Beware of email attachments. We all get these spam messages and other messages that go straight to our inbox, some of them contains viruses and some of them don’t. But it’s still better to leave it and not open it, as email attachments can actually cause you to lose data.
  • Keep hardcopies of your files as it avoids you from having to type, organize and format your documents again. Having a hard copy will at least guarantee you have the contents of the file, which is in fact better than nothing
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