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Simple steps to protect yourself from online fraud and scams

Online security is a multi-layered system with many people choosing to install the latest software to protect themselves from online attacks. So how do you protect yourself from actively using, and maybe even entering your personal details into, a site that is less then genuine? It’s all about educating yourself on what to look for when using websites and knowing how to spot a fake.

After reports that Australians are falling victim to online scams, viruses and phishing at a cost of almost A$1 billion a year, it is time to take active action and educate the consumer and internet user of the dangers of online scams and what to look for – IT services northern beaches.

To start simply, you need to increase the security on your pc while also remaining vigilant against possible fakes.

To begin with, you want to protect your computer from any potential threats such as Trojans or other dangerous malware. This means having a quality anti-virus program which can display a safety rating of any sites before you load the site. It is also important to have a website adviser programs which are programs that test websites for any potential threats.

There are also a number of things to look for on the website itself (if you have loaded) that will help you to determine whether or not it is legitimate. Start with the domain address itself and whether it finishes with edu, .org or .gov as these are generally safe sites as there are restrictions as to who can have access to these.

You should also look at the information listed on the website and actually cross reference it with a trusted search engine, what this means is simply Google the business and see what comes up. Look at any affiliations of the company with reputable companies and the home location of the website as there are different online restrictions for different global regions. Basically when you Google it you will also be able to see if the website has a bad reputation or if it has good customer reviews – IT services northern beaches.

Finally if you are interested in buying or using the services from an online source, always email before you buy, just to get in contact with their customer service line – IT services northern beaches. Just ask as many questions as you can about the product in question along with the level of security the use on their site and services. A reputable website will have clear and prompt responses.

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